For Speakers

For speakers


Meetings of The Fareham Society are held in the sanctuary of the United Reform Church (URC) in Osborn Road South, Fareham PO16 7DG.

   As you drive into Osborn Road South, the one-way street in which the church building is situated, the URC is the first building on your right, just past the Memorial Gardens on the corner. The entrance to the small church car park is just after the church but may be obscured by cars parked along the right-hand side of the road. Take care not to drive past this car-park entrance otherwise, as this is a one-way street, you will have to go round the block (in a clockwise direction) to make another attempt. You can see an image of the approach to the church along the road by clicking here.

   You can see a map showing the situation of the church by clicking here. Then by clicking a couple of times on the 'Zoom in' button, on the map near its right-hand edge near the bottom and indicated by a '+', you will get a clearer map of the church in its immediate surroundings. There is no connection with the much larger public car-park shown to its left and which is accessible only from Trinity Street. It is also possible to get directions to the church by clicking on 'Directions' on the left of the web page and entering the post code of your starting place in the box by the green 'A'.

The meeting place

Entering the foyer of the church, the doors to the right lead straight into the back of the sanctuary. It is square, measuring about 15m by 15m, with one central and two side aisles, and can seat about 150 people. At the centre front are the table and two lecterns on a raised dais. The large projection screen is offset to the left.

Equipment available

You will be fitted with a clip-on radio microphone to enable those seated at the back to hear clearly.

The Society has a digital projector, fed from a laptop, which you can operate during your presentation from a hand-held remote control. The presentation can be of the PowerPoint type and may be on an optical disk (CD/DVD) or on a USB memory stick. To confirm the details, you are invited to e-mail the digital projectionist using this link.

   Likewise you are asked to use this same e-mail link if you wish to bring your own laptop or projector.

Format of the evening

The building is normally opened at 7pm and we start our meetings nominally at 7.30 with a short session on Society news and notices. The Meetings Chairman will then introduce you and invite you to speak.

   We suggest that you plan for your presentation to be in two halves of 30 minutes each, either side of our break for refreshments at about 8.15.

   The ladies who serve the refreshments greatly appreciate an indication by the speaker that there are 10 minutes left of the first half, so that they can quietly leave the presentation to make their final preparations to serve the refreshments.

   We aim to end the second half by 9.30 at the latest.