The Inspector's Report on the FBC Core Strategy

(This summary first published here on 29 July 2011)

The Inspector's decision and report on Fareham's Core Strategy has just been received, slightly earlier than expected.

He has found that the Strategy is "sound" once various changes have been made to it. These are as follows:

    1. To remove reference to the proposed employment area at junction 11 of the M27, allowing the Council to consider the best approach to meeting the employment needs of the new community within the overall area of the development.

    2. To ensure that transport options for the new community are fully tested.

    3. To revisit the rate at which housing for the new community will be built.

    4. To consider the use of gardens for housing on a case by case basis.

    5. To ensure that the Council's approach to safeguarding land for employment premises is clear.

    6. To identify in future planning documents where development will or will not take place.

    7. To ensure that protection of conservation sites is a high priority.

    8. To ensure a clear approach to planning for the needs of Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople.

    9. To follow the latest Government guidelines when negotiating money from developers to be used for the benefit of the community.

    10. To review which areas between existing towns and villages should have special protection from development.

    11. To take a reasonable approach in encouraging environmentally friendly buildings.

The Planning Inspector's report is on the Council's website, , (about 21 pages, single sided).

It is recommended that as many as possible of you read this – it is succinct and even though you may not agree with all of it, his reasoning and the way forward is clear. He was obviously not at all convinced that the employment designation around junction 11 was appropriate and underlined that the Highways Agency objected to the creation of a link road between the A32 and junction 11 (to serve it) on the grounds that the potential effects on the wider road network have been insufficiently modelled.

The M27 was never designed to have an "all moves" junction at junction 10, because of the short distance between it and junction 11 and because of the close proximity of the large urban area with only two inadequate roads running southwards from it, both lined with residential properties.

It should be noted that there will be a review of the boundaries of all the current strategic gaps – a factor to be closely monitored. The Society will endeavour to keep its members closely informed about all issues affecting the future development of Fareham Borough.